"Just can't thank the Early Bird Estate Sales team enough for everything they did to arrange for a quick and efficient sale at a very busy time of the year! Such a professional team with years of experience in antiques, collectibles, and merchandising to help make sure you get appropriate value for your family treasures. They were so very kind and carefully handled all sale items and helped us keep our sanity at an emotionally trying time. The entire team worked tirelessly at holiday time and we will always be grateful. Thanks so much!" Sally & Lesley Long  December, 2015

"My husband and I love going to Early Bird Estate Sales in our area.  They obviously take great care to price and display your precious possessions.  I would definitely use their services if I was moving.  Right now, I am just a happy shopper!"  Ginny Bauer  June, 2015

"Early Bird Estate Sales,
Your guidance, professionalism, & encouragement from Initial Consult to Sale Day gave us the tools we needed to conquer an overwhelming task. By following your plan & expert advice, we were able to transform clutter into a memory, bless others, & were left with an incredible feeling of accomplishment. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Julie & family"  October, 2015